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FlightOne Warp 10 – Pair CW/CCW


The Warp Ten motors are the most Powerful Motors we Produce. Designed to give you the edge at any race.

Helm, Warp 10, Engage!

FlightOne’s 2308 2900kv motors are ready to bring your quad to warp 10 speeds on the track. Beware, these motors are the ultimate in power and torque. Perfect for racing and freestyle alike. The Warp 10 motors will give you most speed possible while being low noise and great for any quad.


Thanks to the larger stator size, the motor is efficient when you need it, and powerful when you want them to be . These motors also feature CCW and CW rotating versions, meaning when you hit a gate or are going full speed down the straight away you know your prop nuts wont become loose and fly off. The Warp 10 motors, along with its lower kv counterparts, currently hold 3 UTT track time records! This is thanks to the insane speed they allow you to reach in such a short amount of time.  The Warp 10 motors are truly a new class of power, capable of beating any opponent around the track.


Thanks to the Large Stator, The Warp 10 motors have more than enough torque that freestyle quads demand. High torque helps create a sharp and accurate stick feel. Due to high acceleration and the almost non-excis10t spool up time, these motors allow you to create amazing videos. You can now hit full speed almost instantly, perfect for breaking a fall at the very last split second.


  • Long motor wires perfect for installing with a FlightOne Bolt 4in1
  • Low Profile Light Weight Base, designed to make the motors lighter and more durable – due to it being more difficult for the base to ever be struck and bent into the motor
  • Low profile Prop Nuts in Both CCW and CW threading
  • Serrated Bell Top to ensure the props won’t slip and aren’t going anywhere in flight


  • 2 x 2308 2900kv motors per package.Sold in pairs, one CCW Rotation, the other CW.
  • 8x M3x6mm screws and 1 Low Profile CCW Prop Nut and 1 Low Profile CW Prop Nut
  • power, lot’s of power
  • weight: 36 grams

Additional information

Weight0.26 lbs
Dimensions5 x 3.5 x 1.5 in


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