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Skitzo Dark Matter LiPo Battery


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In a galaxy far, far away…

…There exists a dark energy. If found by the wrong person it could be used to destroy the Universe. Luckily, a pilot known as Skitzo was trying to get epic footage flying around Area 51 but crashed before he could finish. He was able to take off again, but there was something strange happening.

Something un-explainable.

The quad had more power than he has ever experienced before! His friends were amazed, they started to cheer and point as it was covered in a glowing substance! It was covered in… Dark Matter!

Specifications | Choose your rating!

  • 1500mAh 150c – 300c 4s – 187g
  • 1300mAh 150c – 300c 5s – 197g
  • 1500mAh 150c-300c 5s – 231g
  • 1300mAh 150c-300c 6s – 235g
  • 700mAh 80 – 160c 4s – 81g


  • 1 x Skitzo Dark Matter Battery pack
  • Product may look different than picture

Additional information

Weight0.41 lbs
Dimensions6 x 3 x 3 in

1500mAh 150c 4s, 1500mAh 150c 5s, 1300mAh 150c 6s, 1300mAh 150c 5s, 700mAh 80c 4s, 1300mAh 150c 4s