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FlightOne Starving Leo
Rated 5.00 out of 5

What Happens when A Leo goes a diet? You get the Raceflight Starving Leo, an Ultra Light, Ultra Fast, Race frame Designed …

Foxeer Arrow Micro Pro

The Foxeer Arrow Micro Pro is a tiny FPV camera with built in OSD. It’s super light, small, and powerful. Specs 5.5g …

HQ 5.1×5.1×3 Propeller

A set of 4 HQProp propellers, 3 blade style with a 5mm center hub. These props rip!

HQ 5x4x3 Skitzo Propeller

A set of 2 HQProp propellers, 3 blade style with a 5mm center hub. They come with a set of plastic reducers as well.

Low ESR Capacitors

Premium, GUARANTEED authentic capacitors. Capacitors may be Panasonic brand, or also may be another verified premium name brand. The ESR rating is tested to be equivalent to Panasonic. Perfect to help reduce noise and voltage spikes across your mini-quad build.


The HUBOSD eco X-Type with STOSD8 Current Sensor and Dual BEC from Matek Systems.

MillivoltOSD V1 Cable Kit (3 pin camera connector on fc)

This is a cable kit for the MillivoltOSD flight controller. The MillivoltOSD v1 has a 3 pin connector for the camera. Picture …

Revolt, Bolt, Millivolt, and Spark Wiring Harness

This is the wiring harness AKA connector for the new Bolt V2, Revolt V3, Spark v2, and Millivolt V2. This connector can …

RevoltOSD MillivoltOSD V2 (FL1 Logo) Cable Kit

This is a cable kit for the RevoltOSD flight controller and the MillivoltOSD V2. The MillivoltOSD V2 has a 4 pin connector …