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FlightOne 5v Regulator

This is a small stand alone 5v regulator. Earlier FlightOne boards (non OSD versions) are supplied 5v power from the ESC. The …

FlightOne Battery Strap

FlightOne branded battery strap, perfect for attaching your LiPo battery to your miniquad. These battery straps have a rubber-like material on the …

FlightOne Candy Coated Motors

2306.6 Candy Coated Motor 2306.5 Motors with Soft Mounted bearings, special hybrid hollow shaft for super strength, but also lighter weight, high …

FlightOne F411 Mamba Micro AIO

MAMBA F411AIO  Dshot600 4SMAMBA F411AIO-STM32F411-Input voltage 2-4S Lipo-Gyro: MPU6000-2x UART ports-OSD inbuilt-BEC 5V 1.5 A  -Size:28.5*28.5mm-Mounting holes: 25.5*25.5mm M2-Weight: 5.7 g : Mamba F411   …

FlightOne FalcoX GTB 339 PRO AIO Board-TBS Nano VTX CUBE
$150.00 $149.99

This is the new upgraded PRO version of the popular Diatone CUBE PNP Line.The main differences between the new Pro and previous generation stack now has been replaced by a new Diatone AIO board.-339 (3 inch) Variant.

FlightOne Gummies

The original Soft FlightOne Grommets we lovingly call Gummies. You can choose between 2 pack sizes. Pack 1 contents:  5 x grommets …

FlightOne Millivolt V2 Flight Controller
$34.95 $21.95

If you plan to use this flight controller with a 32bit FlightOne ESC you must use a 5v regulator to supply power …

FlightOne Team Hat

This is the FlightOne Team Hat.