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FlightOne Policies

Defective Unit Policy

As with all electronic components, sometimes quality control isn’t always 100% accurate. FlightOne proudly replaces defective electronics. The following rules apply to be eligible for a defective warranty replacement.

  • Electronic component has not been soldered
  • Electronic component is purchased new from us or from a verified dealer
  • Electronic component has not been flown
  • Pictures and/or video is provided showing the defect/issue
  • Ticket has been opened on support@flightone.com immediately
  • The electronic component is promptly shipped back for inspection after being verified for support staff.

If one or more of the previous rules are not met, you will be ineligible for the defective warranty replacement. However, you still may qualify for the damaged replacement program posted below.

Damaged Replacement Program Policy

For those with damaged boards that do not meet the criteria of a factory defective unit, FlightOne has created an affordable damaged replacement program. In the event a user breaks a flight controller or other electronic component, we will replace it for an affordable price. We must verify that these electronic components are indeed broken so please contact us immediately by sending an email to support@flightone.com

Disclaimer: Each order will be limited to 1 crash/damaged replacement per purchased item. Order must be verified. It will also be tracked and logged. We will require pictures and/or video of the damaged flight controller, confirmation of your order, and other information to complete the process. Boards that are salvageable must be shipped back by the consumer after speaking with support staff.

The following components, at the following prices, are available for the crash replacement program:

  1. FlightOne Revolt OSD Lite Flight Controllers (All versions/Colors)
    1. Cost: $25 USD + Shipping
  2. RevoltOSD/MillivoltOSD Flight Controllers 
    1. Cost: $29 USD + Shipping (Red Version). $32 USD + Shipping (Skitzo Version)
  3. FlightOne MegaBolt Basic 4n1 ESCS
    1. Cost: $39 USD + Shipping
  4. FlightOne MegaBolt (Freestyle and Race version) and AfterBurner 20×20/30×30 4n1 ESCS
    1. Cost: $42 USD + Shipping
  5. FlightOne and Wild Willy Special Juice Motors
    1. Cost: $20 USD each + Shipping
  6. FlightOne Warp 1 Motors
    1. Cost: $11.50 USD each + Shipping

Shipping Policies

The United States Postal Service is the method we use to ship our orders. Estimated shipping times DO NOT include handling times. We try our best to ship orders out in a timely manner. You can expect that we’ll “usually” ship orders out within 48 hours of payment approval. Shipments may not go out during, but not limited to, holidays, weekends, or during a large race event. If you have any questions about your order contact us directly.

Note: We also have a 2 day DHL express option for international orders called “Express Worldwide”

There are four main options for shipping via USPS domestic.

  • First class shipping: Usually, First Class shipping within the states is quick and efficient (estimated to be between 3 and 7 days, not including handling). A tracking number is provided with domestic orders shipped First Class. First Class does not come with insurance.
  • Priority Mail shipping: Priority Mail shipping comes with $50 insurance, is tracked, and usually is estimated to arrive between 3-5 business days.
  • Priority Mail Express: Priority Mail Express is guaranteed to be delivered in 3 days by USPS. It is tracked and insured.

There are three main options for International packages as well.

  • First Class International: First Class International shipping is the cheapest shipping method. It is not tracked, uninsured, and may take up to 60 business days to arrive. We, Code Orange, INC dba FlightOne, are NOT LIABLE for ANY loss or damage to the package. Packages “usually” reach their destination. For any lost or damaged item shipped using this method, we will not provide a refund. This shipping option may not be used for any order amount $400 or higher.
  • Priority Mail International: Priority Mail International takes an estimated of 10 business days to arrive at the customer’s location. However, it is important to note that this estimation is not a guarantee and US (or any other country) customs offices may retain the package for up to 45 business days. This method is tracked outside of the USA. Tracking is not usually updated during transit from the USA to the destination country. Insurance is provided for up to $200. Any additional insurance may incur an additional fee for which the customer will be responsible for.
  • Priority Mail Express International: Priority Mail Express International is the fastest USPS shipping option available for International orders. It does have a guaranteed delivery time frame, can be held by customs for up to 45 days, and is tracked outside of the USA.  Tracking is not usually updated during transit from the USA to the destination country.
  • DHL Express Worldwide: This option shows up as “Express Worldwide” in the shipping calculator. Generally, this shipping method only takes 2 days after shipment to arrive in a given country. We are not liable for any fees or customs fees required by DHL. Some countries, like Russia have DHL shipping restrictions. For example, in Russia only businesses can accept DHL express packages.
  • For any other shipping options that dealers wish to use, you may contact us directly.

Fees and Liabilities Policy


We, Code Orange, INC. dba FlightOne, are NOT liable for ANY customs fees or taxes your country and/or mail service provider may impose on your shipment. All orders are shipped with the value paid on the customs form. We will not declare any customs value that is different than the value paid.


Code Orange, INC. dba FlightOne is not liable for any damage caused to packages, items inside the packages, or any item damaged in use with a miniquad (or any other sort of activity). We understand that, as drone pilots, electronics aren’t made to handle the abuse we put them through. That is why we enacted our Crash Replacement Program. However, we full reserve the right to make any determination as to what products, orders, and requests fall under that program.

Code Orange, INC. dba FlightOne is NOT liable for anything you do WITH your mini-quad, drone, etc. We do not condone any misuse of our products, drones, etc. Always respect and follow local and federal laws and guide lines.

We reserve every right to refuse service to anyone. If we refuse service to you, we may:

  • Ban you from the website
  • Refund and cancel your order
  • Ban you from any access to support of our products

We reserve every right to extend expected shipping dates for any order and any product at any time. Pre-orders are not refundable and cannot be canceled. We also reserve the right to charge a $20 restocking fee on any orders canceled, refunded, or returned.