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3″ Skitzo Nova Replacement Bottom Plate

One Replacement Bottom Plate for the 3″ Skitzo Nova frame kit

Skitzo Battery Straps

Skits branded battery strap, perfect for attaching your LiPo battery to your miniquad. These battery straps have a rubber-like material on the …

Skitzo Gemfan Galaxy 5043-3 Props

The special edition SKITZO Gemfan Galaxy Props are HERE!!!! This WinDancer propeller has outstanding efficiency and control, fast response in cornering. It’s …

Skitzo Nova 3″ Frame Kit
$49.99 $20.00

The SKITZO Nova has a little cousin! The Nova 3″ Frame shares many of the same features as the full-size Nova, such as the True-X …

Skitzo Super Nova Frame
$99.99 $45.00

This is the new beefier Version SUPER Nova frame kit.   The SKITZO Nova FPV Freestyle quadcopter is a unique symmetrical X …