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AfterBurner 4 in 1 ESC 20×20/30×30

AfterBurner ESC is the first ESC we announced, made to be used in either 30×30 or 20×20 quads, capable of  50amp/channel or …

FlightOne Battery Strap

FlightOne branded battery strap, perfect for attaching your LiPo battery to your miniquad. These battery straps have a rubber-like material on the …

Lightning H7 500mhz Flight Controller – SOLDER ONLY
From: $46.95

Lightning H7 500mhz – Solder Only Version

Brains of your Drone

H7 Processor up to 10x faster then F7. Vector OSD (that means very cool animations among other things)… Pit Switch built in… Adjustable Camera/VTX voltage… Fully DJI compatible…. Full size soldering pads, with drilled holes for strength under neath connectors… Full connectors for easy plug and play, with RX/VTX packages that come presoldered… Tons of storage for advanced AI, Logging, etc.. M2 & M3 Mounting..

Neural Networking aka AI support, and features already being developed.

MegaBolt Extreme 4 in 1 ESC 30×30

MegaBolt Extreme 30×30 ESC board   See Preston’s Video for more info on this ESC – https://youtu.be/ML6nELamBoc

FlightOne Big Deal Bottom Plate

Note: The picture does not match the product. Only the bottom plate is included in this product. Replacement bottom plate for the …

FlightOne Twig Bottom Plate

Note: The Twig Bottom plate has started shipping. Orders are being shipped out in the order with which they were received. If …

Dolphin-1 Arms – 2 Pack

A set of  replacement carbon fiber arms for the Wild Willy Dolphin-1 FPV Freestyle Quadcopter. Contents: 2 x Dolphin-1 arms

Skitzo SUPER Nova Arms – 2 Pack

Works with the Nova and Super Nova frame kits A set of SUPER replacement carbon fiber arms for the SKITZO Nova FPV …