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Wild Willy’s Special Juice

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Everyone wants a Pink Willy… Get your Juice on!

The new Wild Willy Special Juice motors were designed from the shaft down to be the best thing since sliced bread. The juice includes an adamantium core shaft and bilaterally forged rare Earth magnets that generate orbit launching power based on the principle of the modial interaction of magneto inductance. This maximizes operating excellence throughout the entire range of throttle percentages and has been reported by test pilots to cause accidental Low Earth Orbit (LEO) insertion via Accidental Pilot Throttle Spikes (APTS).

Ok…. Maybe that’s not all entirely true, but these motors are pretty *dolphin noise* sweet. The Special Juice motors were designed to be able to give power when you need it while maintaining a perfectly smooth throttle response at all ranges. In addition, we made sure that they could definitely take a hit so you spend more time flying and less time repairing.

They come in two different kV variants to make sure you have the right tool for the right job. The 2500kv variant has a great smooth throttle response with high efficiency for those nice and juicy freestyle runs, while not having to worry about destroying your packs. The 2700kv variant is for all the magicians out there who prefer to have their drone teleport when you hit the throttle.


Juicy Features


  • Long motor wires for perfect installation with a FlightOne Bolt 4in1 or Bolt32 ESC
  • Low profile “pantsless” stator to shave precious grams and add robustness in hard hits
  • Solid core steel shaft that runs throughout the motor to prevent any warping of the bell in hard hits
  • Square bolt hole mounting pattern to shave weight and add simplicity to the build
  • Low profile prop nuts
  • The sickest pink color scheme ever seen by man
  • Weighs 29g


A Juicy 2017

Additional information

Weight.15556 lbs
Dimensions2.5 × 1.5 × 5 in
kV Rating

1800kv, 2300kv, 2500 kV, 2700 kV