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Lightning H7 500mhz Flight Controller

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Lightning H7 500mhz – Connector/Plug Version

Lightning H7 500mhz FC Connector/Plug Version

Lightning H7 500mhz Flight Controller - Connector/Plug Version

Lightning Flight Controller Warranty

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FlightOne Plug and Play - TBS Unify Pro 5G8 - Up to 800mW of output power – optional

A video transmitter just for racers. 5g weight, 25 - 800mW output power (user adjustable). Cutting weight and flying far has never been this easy and affordable

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TBS Crossfire nano RX for people who want to save space and solder. Full range, designed specifically for mini- and micro-quads!

Available on backorder

FlightOne Plug and Play - TBS UNIFY PRO32 NANO 5G8 - Up to 400mW of output power – optional

Available on backorder

FlightOne Plug and Play - Panda RC VTX Nano - Video TX with Breakaway mounting holes - Up to 400mW of output power – optional

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Lightning FC to MegaBolt Extreme/Afterburner ESC Wire Harness cable – optional

In Stock!

Extra/Additional Lightning H7 Cable Kit – optional

Available on backorder

AfterBurner 4 in 1 ESC 20x20/30x30 – optional

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MegaBolt Extreme 4 in 1 ESC 30x30 – optional

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Magnetic Data Cable – optional

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FlightOne Plug and Play - DJI Air Unit Cable with Regulator – optional

Available on backorder

Available on backorder


This is the Connector/plug version. if you prefer the Solder Only Version(No connectors/Plugs except USB) please order here: https://shop.flightone.com/product/lightning-h7-500…ller-solder-only/


**INTERNATIONAL ORDERS – Please choose the lest expensive shipping option available at check out and we will ship from Europe to you the fastest option that the price paid will cover plus handling/packaging


Lightning H7 500mhz Flight Controller

Brains of your Drone

H7 Processor up to 10x faster then F7. Vector OSD (that means very cool animations among other things)… Pit Switch built in… Adjustable Camera/VTX voltage… Fully DJI compatible…. Full size soldering pads, with drilled holes for strength under neath connectors… Full connectors for easy plug and play, with RX/VTX packages that come presoldered… Tons of storage for advanced AI, Logging, etc.. M2 & M3 Mounting..

Neural Networking aka AI support, and features already being developed.

Designed internally by our own team, being produced in the both the United States and China!


Absolute best flight controller available

When you want all the features and speed!

  • 500mhz H7 Processor
  • Graphical Vector OSD
  • Free Replacement Plan
  • Full AI Support
  • High power voltage regulator
  • 4s-6s Lipo Battery Powered
  • DJI FPV Support
  • GPS Return to Home Support
  • 5v or VBAT Camera/VTX Connection
  • Built in pit switch
  • 1Gb Flash for logging/AI features
  • Easy Connectors for All Devices
  • Strong Solder Pads (reinforced with via)
  • 30.5mm x 30.5mm mounting
  • 20mm x 20mm mounting
  • Full Size Solder Pads Available
  • Camera Control


Free Crash Replacement

Crashes happen, and we want to cover you! For any reason during the first 3 months if you break your hardware for any reason we will replace your Flight Controller. The cost is $10 to cover shipping, handling and other expenses. You can either purchase a replacement plan to get this coverage, or purchase direct from us to receive it for free.


AI Neural Networking

Using advanced AI techniques the new flight controller supports advanced AI and neural networking. From filters to tuning, we hope to move many processes to a utilize Artificial Intelligence.


GPS Return to Home

Via external GPS module, you can now have your drone automatically return to home. With just the flick of a switch, or on failsafe drone will return above your head, and circle till you land it.


Advanced Vector Graphics OSD

Most advanced OSD design on a flight controller thats currently available in our hobby. Driven by the power of the H7 processor, we can display any shape and design live in your OSD. From boot up graphics to full live charts, and animated menus the possibilities are endless. We can’t wait to fully take advantage of our new graphics abilities.


Shipping from US and Europe

We know you have a hard time finding our products, so we have done a lot to address that. We now completely control production of our flight controller, with no middle men. We are stocking large amounts of PCB so we can easily produce more as well. We are also warehousing in both the United States and Europe, so order from our website and get shipped from our local warehouse. This will be great for direct to consumer and wholesalers as well.


Durable Voltage Regulator

We wanted a voltage regulator that is dependable and can handle power spikes. Between adding diodes and other protection circuitry and beefing up the existing voltage regulator we have created a flight controller that will last, crash after crash. Much more voltage spike tolerant design, should help you feel you can trust your equipment.


DJI Plug and Play

DJI version comes with a plug and play cable. Just plug in your DJI receiver on one end and the other end into the flight controller, and get in the air quickly. No need to solder any wires, or know any pin outs.


Smart Mounting

Mount directly in a 30.5mm x 30.5mm hole pattern, or snap off the outside holes and mount directly in a 20mm x 20mm mount. Don’t worry about the 30.5mm x 30.5mm from snapping off, because they are engineered to only be removed under higher forces. If your flight controller ever had the holes snap, the crash was so hard, that the break points will actually keep your flight controller from being damaged.


Manufactured in America

We are proud to be the first company to manufacture in the United States. We were able to get pricing to the point where we can produce in the United States without adding the cost on to the customer. Producing our products in both the United States and China will let us leverage shipping to offer the best products and the best support available.


Plug and Play Electronics

We hate building quads, and wanted to make the process as simple as possible. From plug and play VTX and receivers, to plug an play speed controllers, we are minimizing your build times. No longer worry about damaging electronics, with solder mistakes while also giving yourself a quick building experience. Why spend the time doing all the work, when you could be out flying!


Solder or Solderless

The Lightning Flight Controllers is available in two different versions. If you don’t want to do any soldering at all, get the version with connectors. This allows you to easily go plug and play without any other electronics. If a connector ever breaks, the big solder pads are available underneath the connectors. If you prefer to solder, save a couple bucks and get the version with connectors removed.


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Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in

Red/FlightOne, Pink/Wild Willy, Turquoise/Chief, Gun Metal Grey/Heads Up, Black/JohnnyFPV, Surprise me!/First Available

Lightning H7 500mhz FC Connector/Plug Version